Message from the Client Relations Officer

Tim McInnis Client Relations Officer, WCB Nova Scotia

Tim McInnis
Client Relations Officer, WCB Nova Scotia

When issues arise with the WCB’s service, it is important for workers and employers to have someone to reach to who will listen to their concerns.  As the Client Relations Officer, my role is to resolve service issues and to work in collaboration with our service delivery teams to ensure the best outcome possible. 

In 2017, I received 1,400 service-related inquiries and from those, 45 formal complaints were documented. Twenty-four complaints were substantiated, the majority of which were related to issues of timeliness, including delays in communication, adjudication and the implementation of appeal decisions. These statistics are generally consistent with the previous year.

By talking with case workers on a daily basis and participating in team meetings, I am able to raise awareness and understanding about service issues, and we work together to find appropriate solutions. 

I provide quarterly reports to the Board of Directors, and meet with the Board annually to share highlights of the concerns that have been reported to my office.  It is important for the Board to understand how our service is perceived so we remain accountable to workers and employers and identify areas for improvement. 

My goal is to answer each inquiry I receive with compassion and understanding.  The many employers and workers I have met over the years provide a constant reminder of the importance of listening, and taking action to continue to improve our service.