Message from the Client Relations Officer

Tim McInnis Client Relations Officer, WCB Nova Scotia

Tim McInnis
Client Relations Officer, WCB Nova Scotia

As Client Relations Officer, I respond to questions and concerns about the WCB’s service and work together with workers, employers, MLAs and others to resolve their issues. In doing so, I collaborate with the WCB’s service delivery teams to highlight gaps in our service that stakeholders have raised and share insights into how these gaps are impacting the people we serve.

In 2018, I responded to 43 formal complaints from injured workers, related primarily to issues of timeliness and communications.  Upon review, I found 26 of these complaints to be substantiated. These results are generally consistent with the number of complaints recorded in prior years.  In addition, I speak regularly to people who simply want an answer to a question or to further discuss their interaction with us. 

The WCB’s efforts to improve worker and employer service experiences remain a focus and will be enhanced by our new Guidewire powered claims and assessment systems.  Still, as the WCB’s processes and technology improve, providing a compassionate and knowledgeable response to all inquiries continues to underpin our work.

Over the past year, the Auditor General conducted a two-phase review of the WCB’s governance and operations.  The Phase 2 report recommends improvements to the WCB’s complaints process.  I appreciate having this external perspective, and, currently, we are exploring best practice complaint resolution processes across Canada.  In adopting these best practices I look forward to enhancing our complaint process over the coming months. 

It has been my pleasure to speak with hundreds of stakeholders over the past year and to hear about your experiences with the WCB.  I look forward to continuing to serve you.